The 2019 Indie Film Distribution Summit

How to get your film sold and distributed in the new, dynamic and evolving marketplace.

Bringing together filmmaking, distribution and sales expertise, experience and vision. Join 100 like-minded filmmakers and 30 industry experts for a game-changing weekend.


It’s no longer enough to simply make a great film in order to get seen.  We all know this, yet are we really doing all we can to find success for our work, right from the get-go?


When: Oct 26th/Oct 27th 2019 // Price: £189 // Where: Queen Mary University of London // Get your pass HERE // Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Campus, Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4NS


'The combination of hilarious anecdotes and stone hard cold facts were perfect and it was at just the right level I thought in terms of the panel, I felt privileged to hear these particular wisdoms so thank you.'

Alice Brooks, Content Director, Taylor Made Media

So how do you make YOUR film the success it deserves to be?

How can you platform your work and profit from it too?

  • Do you have an accurate, real-world and up-to-date sales and distribution strategy in place (based on genuine recent successes)?
  • Do you have a strategy in place that will attract investors, backers, key crew and experienced actors?
  • Are you aware of the myriad pitfalls that can kill films dead (often old ideas that are now outdated)?
  • Do you lack experience in sales or fear being exploited? What are the right choices and relationships for your project?
  • Do you have relationships with the right players in the marketplace — people who you can trust and who have demonstrated how to do it?
  • VOD, PPV, Theatrical, DVD, TV, Festivals, Online... Which choice is right for you, or more likely what hybrid strategy will you adopt?
  • Do you know how to devise a festival strategy for your film that doesn't waste money on expensive submissions? Do you know what the difference is between a film market and a film festival? And which is best for Your Project?

Success for your film (short, feature or documentary) isn't rocket science BUT it does require focus and a desire to 'work at it' and NOT look to others to make success happen for you.


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'I have been to many, many festival distribution events and this one is the first one to approach the subject in a structured way, divided into logical sessions exploring different areas of distribution’

Phil Peel – Writer/Director/Producer

It's the Wild West out there... But there's also gold in the hills

We are living through a technological and cultural evolution / revolution that has caused a seismic shift in the way audiences watch film and TV.


It’s an exciting time, but also one of great uncertainty.


During the 2019 Summit we will investigate RECENT real-world successes and failures, drill down into the experience from the coal face that industry professionals can share, and finally explore new ideas, tech, strategies and tactics from the disruptors. 

It's never been more EXCITING and POSSIBLE to get your film out in front of audiences and monetized. This is the aim of the summit.

The Indie Film Distribution Summit is for filmmakers and established industry professionals who want to engage in a new, vibrant and successful industry in 2019 and beyond.


To get their work seen, to make money, to platform their talent and to move onto the next project quickly.


When, where and how much?

When: Oct 26th/Oct 27th 2018 // Price: £189 // Where: Central London // Get your pass HERE.


Distribution remains the elusive final step to success that we all need, no matter what sector of the film and TV business we work in...

Sharing new ideas and strategies...


You will meet...

  • Hundreds of new filmmakers who can share their experiences with you and with whom you can form a new peer group
  • Filmmakers who have just done it and will share the details of their successes, failures and hard-won lessons
  • Industry experts who are at the forefront of sales and distribution

From the horse's mouth... During the two-day ‘locked doors’ event, you will hear the honest and hard-won truths from experts and players in the arena...


...Be they producers who have just run the gauntlet, expert analysts or successful professionals in specific disciplines or areas (think sales agents, artwork designers, trailer editors, domestic distributors, TV acquisitions executives).

'Unquestionably the best of these types of things I have ever been to. Anyone serious about professionally maximizing the audience and revenue for independent movies should without question go. Just go!’

Ben Mole – Filmmaker

Don’t fall at the final hurdle. Spend two days being inspired, enlightened and educated… And leave with a plan for success.


Get your ticket HERE // Read the schedule HERE // Check out the speakers HERE.


The Indie Film Summit is co-founded by filmmaker, author and CEO of The London Screenwriters' Festival, Chris Jones and Zsofia Szemeredy, Distribution Consultant. It was created as part of an ongoing drive to help filmmakers find success, however they define it.