VOCABULARY - A helping guide to the industry lingo used in Sales and Distribution


As every trade, we use our own specialised vocabulary as well, so I thought it is useful if I include a few terms  on here for everyone to be on the same page, when our speakers come the the Summit.


I shall continue to update this regularly and please feel free to get in touch if you read some industry lingo you don’t understand and you’d like me to include in here. 


MG = minimum guarantee; an Advance paid to the producer by the distributor for exchange for the rights to a territory(s).


P&A = Prints and Advertisement (prints is a bit outdated now in the digital era); the budget of the marketing, print material spent on a theatrical release


SWOT analysis = Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats analysis to evaluate the value of a project


Window = different chronological stages at which a film is exploited. The current theatrical window to DVD is average 90 days, but it is under heavy debate


WW rights = World-wide rights. Upon approach a Sales Agent you’ll need to know what rights you have available on your films - hopefully all, as they normally sell all rights


RoW = Rest of the World, which means everything but the US (usually referred to as the ‘Domestic’ territory) in terms of available territories. You might see this phrase on a Sales Estimate you receive when you are trying to put together a Financing Plan


OOH = Out of Home; a term used in marketing for all advertising outside of your home, this includes billboards, buses, tube campaigns. This is a costly portion of your marketing budget.


SVoD = Subscription Video on Deman, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple+, Disney+


AVoD = Advertisement based video on demand, like YouTube


TVoD = Transactional video on demand, fe. Apple iTunes


OTT =  Over The Top media service, which is delivered via high-speed internet service not cable or terrestrial channels