Feedback from 2019 Distribution Summit

‘The event was full of industry professionals with amazing, extensive knowledge which helped me become a stronger and more intelligent filmmaker. Keep up the hard work and continue to inspire and educate the next generation of filmmakers.’

Ray Nichols, Filmmaker

‘I really liked learning about the trailers and I think this event is essential for any filmmaker!’

Marc Liguori, Filmmaker


‘I liked the great panelists and how they all covered different subjects. I learned that you need to be practical when it comes to distribution and consider alternative options.’



This event was very insightful and inspiring. I liked the great speakers and networking.’

Tara Trangmor, Producer,

‘I liked the variety of sessions and speakers. There was an amazing overview of the distribution and all its nuances and parts. It’s truly helped untangle the distribution process for me. Thank you! Now off to work 😊!’

Vanessa Muir, Freelance Producer


‘I liked the range of experience amongst the speakers, the specific advice given and the understanding of new filmmakers. It was an invaluable opportunity to be able to pitch to key players in the industry and network with other influencers who have offered fantastic advice and help – thank you! Please let me know if we can provide any more recommendations.’

Lynn & David Coleman, Executive Producers, DAL Strategy / DAL Productions / Instagram: insta4imagethat


‘I liked that there was lots of back-to-back content covering all aspects of great networking. It was a whole weekend of essential information!’

P. Dixon, Producer / Creative Concepts /


'For me it was a complete crash course in the industry and was very rich and informative. It helped me appreciate the importance of strategizing distribution from the early stages of development. It’s film school in two days!’

Bhakti Rimante Mikuloviciute, Producer / / Instagram: @rimantemar


‘This was the event I didn’t know I needed! It was informative, inspiring, insightful, and there were many amazing people and panels. I learned so much and got a clearer, bigger picture about the film industry! I was able to rethink my entire future film life and get a feeling for the real world.’

Lilli Schamoni, Film Student / Instagram: @lillischamoni


‘This helped me know my audience, identify and profile them and learn how to reach them. I wish I took this seminar six years ago! Four features later I wouldn’t have made all the mistakes I did.’

Phil Harris, Filmmaker /


‘This was an inspiring weekend that gave me the tools I need to go out and sell my projects and connect with others in the industry. There were fantastic speakers and brilliant discussions! I highly recommend it!’

Andy Sowerby, Director / Editor /


‘There was an incredible amount of high quality information. I made some fantastic connections and learned much more than I expected. I totally recommend the Distribution Summit to anyone wanting to take their film to the next stage. Super inspiring speakers!’

Helen Lawrie, Documentary Producer /


‘I received a complete education about the options of distribution and a much better understanding of an entire world I wasn’t aware of. It was an excellent experience, highly informative and a must for any filmmaker planning, starting or finishing production.’

Ibrahim Awarrra, Filmmaker/Director / Instagram: Ibrahim Awara


‘I liked the variety of skills, intense full on course, relaxed atmosphere, networking environment and accessible lecturers to every level of experience. As a composer and filmmaker, I learned a lot about the entire production chain that I knew very little about. It allowed me to perceive my work through their perspective.’

Thibault Chavanis, Filmmaker, Composer /


'I liked how this event covered all aspects of distribution as it pertains to filmmakers, and the range of guests was astonishing. It was priceless being able to put names to faces of the people making the decisions on indie films and seeing them as real, normal people.’

Sana Soni, Distributor / @LAXtoLHR


‘I liked the range of conversations and background of filmmakers and their knowledge. I gained insight into the sales agent world!’

Siona Davis, Producer / @siona_rd


‘I like the panels, coverage and interaction. I had the opportunity to show the trailer for my feature debut and got some valuable feedback as well as great exposure. I highly recommend even if you know some stuff already!’

Yavor Petkov, Filmmaker

‘I liked the fantastic overview and great networking. Emerging filmmakers cannot afford to miss this event.’

Gary Colman, Writer and Director /


‘I liked how the event was intensive, enriching, informative and creatively replenishing!’

Monica Gyamlani, Aspiring Curator and Programmer


Feedback from the last Distribution Summit

The first Distribution Summit was an enormous success for everyone present, speakers and delegates alike. Here’s a little of the feedback from those who attended.


'I have been to many, many festival distribution events and this one is the first one to approach the subject in a structured way, divided into logical sessions exploring different areas of distribution’

Phil Peel – Writer/Director/Producer

'Unquestionably the best of these types of things I have ever been to. Anyone serious about professionally maximizing the audience and revenue for independent movies should without question go. Just go!’

Ben Mole – Film-maker

'The combination of hilarious anecdotes and stone hard cold facts were perfect and it was at just the right level I thought in terms of the panel. I felt privileged to hear these particular wisdoms so thank you.'

Alice Brooks, Content Director, Taylor Made Media

'Essential for anyone serious about making and selling a film’.
Peter & Linda Dunscombe – Film-makers & Writers

'Chris Jones has done it again – pulling together industry professionals with crucial insights into distribution in an exciting, creative atmosphere’.
Nick Horrell – Film-maker & Editor

'Very informative and fantastic speakers. Well worth attending’
Omar Khan – Filmmaker and Actor

'Brilliant! Go to the Distribution Summit before you complete your independent film! Actually, go before you begin producing it. Go before you write the script. Just go now!’

Andreas Wallin Hageving, Film-maker

'Everything you ever needed to know about how to market and distribute your film’.
Fenella Greenfield – Writer/Producer

'I don't think I have ever attended such a useful film-related event before, with everyone generously sharing information, which will certainly help us with our next step-up of producing, shooting and distribution'

Belinda Basson, Producer, Dreamfusion Productions