08. October 2019
Welcome Everyone to the Indie Film Distribution Summit. After a short introduction from producer Zsofia Szemeredy read on to learn more about why distribution and sales is essential for every filmmaker!
05. October 2019
Making films is expensive, so it is to sell and distribute them. Invest in your self, and get support from the dedicated organisations so you can attend the Summit - as the knowledge you gain here will ultimately result in cutting your distribution budget down. Play the game of longterm gain!
05. October 2019
As every trade, we use our own specialised vocabulary as well, so I thought it is useful if I include a few terms on here for everyone to be on the same page, when our speakers come the the Summit. I shall continue to update this regularly and please feel free to get in touch if you read some industry lingo you don’t understand and you’d like me to include in here.
04. October 2019
What did Zsofia Szemeredy learn after entering 250 festivals and winning Cannes and the student BAFTA?