Angus Finney // Industry Specialist, Executive Producer


Angus Finney is a leading international film and creative industry specialist who has managed, taught, mentored and lectured across the world. 


Finney has been the manager of Europe’s only Production Finance Market over the past decade, annually hosted by Film London. The market has supported independent financing of more than 100 films since 2007.   


His UK training includes working with Creative Skillset, Creative England, Film Agency Wales, Film London and the Film Distributors Association; and his professional development work has extended to South Africa, Ireland, UAE, Canada, China and New Zealand over the past five years.  Finney also has considerable practical entrepreneurial and management experience: He was appointed joint Managing Director of Renaissance Films, a UK-based development, production, finance and sales company in July 1999. During six years of business, Finney executive produced a range of films, working with filmmakers such as Terry Gilliam, Daniel Craig, Neil LaBute, Marleen Gorris, Roger Michell, Glen Close, and Rose Troche, alongside leading US studios including Sony, Miramax, Warner Bros and Paramount. He took over sole MD responsibilities in 2002 before the company ceased trading in July 2005.  He has also mentored EU film companies on business strategy and planning.