Meet the speakers* for the 2018 Indie Film Distribution Summit

* New speakers are being added regularly so do check back in.


Chris Jones // Filmmaker and author of The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook

Chris has four indie feature films under his belt, an Oscar shortlisted short and six books in the best selling Guerilla Filmmakers Handbooks series. He has also interviewed hundreds of filmmakers over the years for the books... MORE

Karina Gechtman // International Film Marketing Consultant

Karina has over 10 years experience. She worked closely with filmmakers and big companies such as Paramount Pictures, Disney, Independent. MORE

Samantha Horley // Distributor, Producer & Screenwriter

Samantha has sold films as diverse as Fargo, Memento, American Pie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dead Man Walking and The Blair Witch Project for PolyGram and Summit. Her insight into commercial international sales is extraordinary... MORE

David Nicholas Wilkinson // Distributor, Producer and Director

David has been involved in the production and distribution of over 100 British feature films with budgets ranging from £20k - £16m... MORE

Deborah Rowland // Distributor, NFTS course leader

Debbie has worked for Artificial Eye, Disney, Icon, EOne, 20th Century Fox in senior marketing and distribution positions. She now heads up the new MA in distribution at the NFTS... MORE

Angus Finney// Industry Specalist, Executive Producer

Angus Finney is a leading international film and creative industry specialist who has managed, taught, mentored and lectured across the world. MORE