Meet the speakers for the 2017 Indie Film Distribution Summit

New speakers are being added regularly so do check back in.

Distributors and Exhibition

Getting films out there in our domestic territory, that means the UK.

Martin Myers // Film Booker & Industry Expert

Film booker and has been responsible for getting literally hundreds of feature films into cinemas by working directly with exhibitors... MORE

Joseph D'Morais // Distributor Blue Dolphin

Veteran UK film distributor who over the decades has launched the careers of many Brit film makers by distributing their debut films against all odds, including Edgar Wright, XXX and XXX... MORE

Dorottya Szekely
Marketing Manager at Dogwoof

Dorottya is Marketing Manager at Dogwoof Global, the biggest UK documentary distributor, and worked on the Theatrical & Entertainment release of titles such as Werner Herzog’s Lo and Behold or Steven Cantor's Dancer... MORE

Paul Ridd
Acquisitions Coordinator

Paul is overseeing the acquisition titles for Picturehouse Entertainment and programmes the fiction features for Discover Tuesday at all Picturehouses... MORE

Jon Barrenechea
Producer of Sundance London, Marketing Head of Picturehouse

Jon is the producer of London Sundance, Marketing Head of Picturehouses in the UK and he also self-distributed the award-winning documentary Hand Gestures worldwide theatrically and on DVD... MORE

Ross Bispham
Producer, Distribution Consultant

Ross is a marketing and distribution expert, having distributed multiple titles at Revolver Entertainment. He currently has his own distribution consultancy, Ignite Film Fans... MORE


People who have been there, got the T shirt and can share their experiences so you can learn from what they got right and what they got wrong.

David Nicholas Wilkinson // Distributor, Producer and Director

Has distributed countless British feature films over a 20 year period and is now doing the same for his own documentaries. Few British industry professionals know more about indie film distribution than David... MORE

Leon Butler // Writer & Producer

Ex city broker turned writer and producer, Leon hustled himself into the big time by getting Idris Elba to star in his debut feature. Get ready for a shot of reality… MORE

Simon Blake
Writer, Director

Simon is a writer / director and his feature Still (starring Game of Thrones star Aiden Gillen) is available on iTunes and Amazon Prime... MORE

Marcus Markou // Director of Papadopoulos & Sons

Legendary for his enthusiasm, Marcus wrote, produced and directed his debut feature ‘Papadopoulos and Sons’. He quickly discovered he would need to act as distributor too and successfully screened in over 100 UK cinemas and sold his film to the BBC... MORE

Tom Kerevan // Screenwriter, Producer

Screenwriter then reluctant producer, then reluctant distributor. Tom has successfully shepherded his debut feature and closed the deal with Amazon Prime himself... MORE

Rob Savage
Writer & Director

Rob has directed, co-produced his micro-budget film at age 17 that he sold to Vertigo Films. His second feature films is being developed by Salon Pictures on the BBC/BFI/Creative Skill set iFeatures scheme... MORE

Jane Gull // Director of my Feral Heart

Jane directed, produced and distributed her feature film My Feral Heart, which became the most successful title on the OurScreen platform. Her shorts have been picked up by Arte TV and Channel 4... MORE

Chris Jones // Filmmaker and author of The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook

Chris has four indie feature films under his belt, an Oscar shortlisted short and six books in the best selling Guerilla Filmmakers Handbooks series. He has also interviewed hundreds of filmmakers over the years for the books... MORE

International and Domestic Sales

People who get our films out there internationally, domestically and online.

Samantha Horley // Distributor, Screenwriter

Samantha has sold films as diverse as Fargo, Memento, American Pie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dead Man Walking and The Blair Witch Project for PolyGram and Summit. Her insight into commercial international sales is extraordinary... MORE

Julian Richards // Writer, Director, Producer and Sales Agent

Having made several features and been disappointed by sales companies, he setup his own and now sells films for other filmmakers through Jinga Films, Britain’s fastest growing and most respected sales agency... MORE

Yana Georgieva
International Sales Manager at Bankside Films

Yana is heading up International sales at Bankside films for multiple territories, her focus is to identify new sales opportunities worldwide for the company... MORE


People who are actively disrupting the existing systems and creating whole new business models.

Ian Cartwright 
Co-Founder of OurScreen and Elevenfiftyfive

Ian co-funded OurScreen the hottest and most innovative distribution platform for filmmakers to day in the UK, a true People Powered Cinema... MORE

Dave Kapur
Co-Founder of OurScreen and Elevenfiftyfive

Dave co-funded OurScreen the hottest and most innovative distribution platform for filmmakers to day in the UK, a true People Powered Cinema... MORE


People who have done it successfully and now teach others while keeping toes dipped in the water.

Deborah Rowland // Distributor, NFTS course leader

Debbie has worked for Artificial Eye, Disney, Icon, EOne, 20th Century Fox in senior marketing and distribution positions. She now heads up the new MA in distribution at the NFTS... MORE

Sonali Joshi
Founder & Director at Day For Night

Sonali has 20 years experience in independent film distribution in the UK, France, Denmark and Asia. She established her own company, Day for Night in 2006... MORE

Muriel Joly
Under The Milky Way

Muriel was VP for Home Entertainment at Canal+, was in charge of marketing development of CanalPlay (VoD platform) and now is managing Under The Milky Way, an international company dedicated to digital film distribution and marketing... MORE