Cate Kane // Head of Acquisitions at Curzon Artificial Eye


Starting at Content Film in 2006, Cate worked across different sectors of the international film division, from box office reporting to managing cinema requests for specialty titles and crucially, providing script coverage for the acquisitions department.


After three years, she moved to BBC Films to work for Managing Director, Jane Wright. As well as assisting on commercial issues, she also worked on the films that were under Jane’s remit as Executive Producer such as WEST IS WEST, provided development assistance and handled submissions.


Following a department restructure, Cate moved to the Casarotto Ramsay talent agency to work for Jenne Casarotto whose clients include Steve McQueen, Stephen Frears, Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni.  Cate managed the day-to-day requirements of Jenne’s clients, including creating and maintaining booking notices and payments, disseminating contracts, managing submissions and more.


In July 2011, Cate moved to Artificial Eye to develop her career in acquisitions for a distributor whose tastes match her own – arthouse, independent and foreign language cinema.  In the past five years, she has worked across the acquisitions of films such as LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, THE GREAT BEAUTY, STILL ALICE, 45 YEARS and ANOMALISA. As well as acquiring completed films and projects at script level, the role also encompasses development and production and Cate has been the development exec on films such as Roger Michel’s LE WEEKEND as well as upcoming productions such as MAY WE BE FORGIVEN.