Nick Sadler // Producer, Co-Founder of The Film Label


Nick is a producer of marketing and distribution for feature films such as Pandorica, Redwood, Dark Beacon and Hi-Lo Joe. 


Originally from the music industry, Nick co-founded Never Say Die Records, one of the most influential labels in the rise of the electronic music movement with sales of over 1 million records. With independant films following the music industry into a largely digital domain, it has been a natural progression to take his marketing and distribution experience into the film industry.


By co-founding the industry-disrupting film company, The Film Label, Nick has brought his expertise from the fast-paced music label model and applied it to the indie film market. Every Film Label release has been written, produced, edited and bought to the big screen in under 12 months. The films have been selected for and won awards at festivals such as Frightfest, American Horror Film Festival and New York Film Festival.