Rebecca Hawkes// Founder Consultant


Founder and Managing Director of Schedule 2 Ltd, Rebecca Hawkes has been setting the standards for film deliverables over the last 15 years; she is the daughter of George Hawkes, first Colour Grader in Britain.


She started her career at the Kay Film Laboratory — later known as MGM-owned Metrocolor — in 1983. After gaining knowledge of film and the post-production process she began work in the technical departments for major distributors and sales companies, including Thorn EMI, Cannon International, Capitol Films, Cori Films and Goldcrest Films International. During this time she held a number of senior technical roles and quickly became acutely aware of the crucial role of the technical services department ensuring that distributors’ requirements are met, materials are delivered correctly and on time and that these relationships are respected and valued.


Combining her technical knowledge and relationships fostered with key facilities around the world, she launched Schedule 2 in 2003 and has since built up an enviable client base plus knowledge and expertise of the varied nuances and challenges for content delivery across all platforms.


Rebecca and her team are proud to be associated with the following film makers: Bernardo Bertolucci, Woody Allen, Jeremy Thomas and Wim Wenders. Rebecca speaks on issues regarding film delivery, the importance of film deliverables, technical 4k and the value of robust post-production supervision. Schedule 2 recently undertook such post-production supervision for the film HIGH-RISE by director Ben Wheatley.


Rebecca also speaks on matters relating to women in business, women and entrepreneurship, and is a popular speaker for AFM, BAFTA, Film London and WFTV. She is actively involved in encouraging young people to progress within the film industry and regularly speaks at schools and universities across the UK. She is a member of the industry judging panel for WFTV Annual Awards — the Panalux Craft Award.